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25th-Oct-2008 06:52 pm - Icons 02
Tsukasa [bis]
another randomness...

[3x] 12012
[3x] Matenrou Opera
[2x] Kaya
[1x] Acid Black Cherry
[1x] Juka
[1x] Moran



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23rd-Oct-2008 08:33 pm - Icon+Wallpaper
This time I bring you 8 Nega icons + 1 wallpaper (I've been really into Nega lately, I guess xD)

to the iconsCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2008 11:23 pm(no subject)

There's more..feel free to have some, because they're freeCollapse )

what's inside: Arimura Ryuutarou of Plastic Tree, L of death note, Hizaki, and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United

Comments, critics, and tips are welcomed.. and NO CLAIMING for sure.
I'm also hoping for your support--for my continuity as an icon maker--because this is truly fun, addictive, and spend most of my studying time.. :(

Welcome to Cherry_Squash!! your number-one icon-thirst quencher!!

Feel freely to grab our works..and have your comment or critics about our icons!

Since we're amateurs (esp.ME) -- grabbing our icons is truly an honor for us (esp.ME. again.)-- and apologize for any lacks of technique and creativity within our creations..

As a Cherry_Squash maintainer, up until now, I might be the only one who have a differ variety of icons than other mods--who mostly post their work of Japanese influence, esp.Jrocks.

Hope you'll love our Cherry_Squash, cheers!

19th-Oct-2008 07:22 pm - icon batch #01
my first post, finally~ (´∀ˋ)
and my second icon batch ever :P
sorry I'm not really good at making icons >_<

[3] Versailles
[1] lolita23q
[1] the brilliant green
[1] heidi.
[9] Plastic Tree

buriguri001 hizaki002 bucchi002

this way~Collapse )
14th-Oct-2008 08:20 pm(no subject)
Okay, this is my first post here, I'm not a pro at icon-making, so here goes: Under here...Collapse )

Nega {x3}
Dolly {x2}
Daizy Stripper {x1}
Moran {x1}
Lolita 23q {x1}Sadie {x1}
AnCafe {x1}
Juliette {x1}
The Kiddie {x1}
14th-Oct-2008 06:11 pm - icons #1
chizuru&amp;shun megane
This is my first icon post here
enjoy! ^^


[3] ancafe
[1] MASK
[1] sugizo
[1] alice nine
[2] zoro
[1] the GazettE
[1] hide
[1] 176BIZ
[1] sendai kamotsu
[1] [vani;lla]

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12th-Oct-2008 11:17 pm - Greetings & 1st Post
Tsukasa [bis]

This is leon_squash.

Same as the others, I'm not professional at making graphics.
So, I need your comments to improve my skill ^^

Resources: same as rosy_ruby because we use same computer for making graphics.

This is my First post...

11th-Oct-2008 04:10 pm - Intro&Resources
Hi! I'm frozen_amethyst , since my two friends have posted their resources post, I'll post mine now! ^^

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11th-Oct-2008 11:41 am - greetings & resources
chizuru&amp;shun megane
Hello, i'm rosy_ruby a.k.a olyn_doank
i'm not pro at making graphics, but i'll try my best to improve my skill

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if you think you should be added here, just tell us
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